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Environmental Organizations

If there is an organization that is not on this list that you think should be, please e-mail me at with the name of the organization and a link to their official website. CAVEAT: Since I live in Louisiana, I am including organizations that are specific to my state/regional area. I encourage you to find [...]

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Take Action: What You Can Do The Week of Jan. 30

The most common question I receive is "What can I do?" It's great to read and research and listen, but when it comes to action, many people aren't sure what they can *do* to help those who need it. Here is a list of actions you can take this week: Call your two senators and [...]

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The Suffragist Problem: Roots of White Feminism

by Candice Huber, The Dissenting Cupcake “The history of American feminism has been primarily a narrative about the heroic deeds of white women.” - Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Words of Fire: An Anthology of African-American Feminist Thought As Beverly Guy-Sheftall states in the quote above, the narrative of feminist history has primarily been about the heroic deeds of [...]

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LGBTQ+ Erasure in History and Media

by Emily A. Roldan This post is inspired by a Tumblr post that floated around the Internet regarding Leonardo de Vinci’s status as a gay or bisexual man. The post asks: Why were we not taught this in school? I’ve had conversations with some people about it, and for the most part the response has been: Does [...]