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LGBTQ+ Erasure in History and Media

by Emily A. Roldan This post is inspired by a Tumblr post that floated around the Internet regarding Leonardo de Vinci’s status as a gay or bisexual man. The post asks: Why were we not taught this in school? I’ve had conversations with some people about it, and for the most part the response has been: Does [...]

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Dear White Women: This is Not About Us

by Rosie Campos There were still three states that were “too close to call,” and I could barely keep my eyes open. As I climbed under the covers, my head was reeling. We were so sure. A little over 24 hours earlier, I was standing in the sunshine in front of the Cathedral of Learning [...]

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A Word from Your Geeky School Psychologist: Build Social Emotional Learning, Nerd Style

by Shereen Naser, Ph.D. You are sitting quietly. The room is comforting, well lit, and everyone seems jovial. They are chatting nonchalantly, sipping a beverage as they pass cards around the circle. While on the outside all look calm, on the inside each person is tense with anticipation, aware that in less than five minutes [...]